LSS Upgrade Green Belt to Black Belt training – English spoken

Did you already complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt? And would you like to get your Black Belt? Then this training course is ideal for you. There is a significant overlap between the Green Belt and the Black Belt training courses. We simply skip that overlap in this course. Because there’s no need to learn it again if you already know it, right?

Are you a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt who is already busy with improvements in your own department? But would you like to lead bigger projects as a Black Belt? You then need to expand your knowledge. We expand your knowledge during this Upgrade.

We teach you to streamline operational processes even more effectively, to gain an insight into change programmes, and to lead them effectively. This training course also looks at all the processes that lead to improvement.

No UPD Certificate yet?

Then this is your chance to be certified by the market leader in the area of continuous improvement and innovation. You see, this upgrade is available to everyone who has completed a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course, regardless of the provider.

To be able to guarantee our high quality and to avoid disappointment; we do however carry out an intake interview with one of our trainers prior. You see, there are big differences between providers in terms of the content and depth of the Green Belt curriculum.

Become a future leader

As what we call a Change Agent, you learn to implement and direct changes successfully. You learn to analyse operational processes systematically and to put this analysis into practice.

On completion of this training, not only do you achieve demonstrable project results such as improved KPI performance and greater employee satisfaction, you also develop the capability to improve the organisation continuously. You are then capable of initiating and successfully executing (complex) change projects independently, and involving and/or coaching team members and/or Green Belts effectively.

In addition, you can then also:

  • Achieve demonstrable project-based improvement as per the DMAIC structure.
  • Master ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ principles and tools (in accordance with global best practice)
  • Analyse problems qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Initiate and actually implement improvements
  • Safeguard results in the organisation
  • Apply effective process thinking, client-oriented & “outside–in”
  • Identify wastage and causes of variation
  • Use statistical analyses as part of SigmaXL
  • Lead and select project teams
  • Facilitate workshops effectively
  • Apply change management skills
  • Understand what is involved in effective leadership and how to apply this in practice

Is this training course suitable for me?

The Green Belt to Black Belt upgrade training course is intended to train change project managers and potential Master Black Belts. They usually carry out change programmes (including various Lean projects) full time. This means working on your project(s) at least 3 days a week in practice. This training course is exclusively for employees, managers and board members who want to achieve continuous improvements by implementing Lean Six Sigma in their own organisations.

The trainers

This upgrade training is delivered by experienced (Master) Black Belts who have earned their stripes in practice. Our trainers interface with practice daily through coaching Black Belts and (Master) Black Belts in the execution of change projects and the implementation of management or change programmes. In addition, they regularly carry out similar projects and programmes themselves. Our training courses therefore have a very practical and results-oriented slant in addition to a theoretical framework.

Coaching at your workplace

To get the most out of the program, we strongly recommend coaching by one of our (Master) Black Belts. The more you apply, the more you will learn. We are convinced that the theory of Lean Six Sigma takes root only if it applied, so we offer the possibility of coaching to enable learning by doing. Based on our own experience, we recommend a minimum of 1.5 days coaching for each project, the costs are € 1980, – (excl. VAT) if you order this along with the training. The 12 hrs can be spread across the duration of the project – our recommendation is 2 hrs per DMAIC phase and 2 hrs for the project as a whole.

Register now or take an option

Register now for this upgrade Green to Black Belt training.

Would you first like to think about it, or perhaps consult with your employer? Then take an option and avoid missing out on a place. The reservation is free of charge and without obligation.

The program consists of the following modules:

Implementing LSS in your own organization

  • What is needed to implement LSS in the organisation?
  • How to define a change strategy?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators?
  • What is a Management Information System?
  • What kind of Leadership is needed for LSS deployment?

Lean Thinking

  • What made the ‘Toyota Production System’ so successful?
  • The 5 principles of Lean – Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection
  • The A3 project approach
  • Lean techniques like Value Stream Mapping, Process Line Balancing, 5S
  • Lean in Services

Emphasis on statistics relevant at the Black Belt level

  • How to determine sample size?
  • The statistics behind the Gage R & R and the Kappa test
  • Non Normal Distributions (Binomial, Weilbull)
  • Deep dive into Hypothesis Testing (Chi Square & Non parametric tests)
  • Introduction Design of Experiment
  • Deep dive into Controls Charts (IMR, XbarR, XbarS)

Coaching Green Belts through the challenges in their projects

  • Coaching needs during the different phases
  • Considerations and pitfalls during the Analyse & Improve phases
  • How to anchor and sustain improvements in the organisation?

Exam preparation for the Black Belt exams

  • An end to end case across all the DMAIC phases
  • Real life datasets for practice with SigmaXL

A lifetime license for SigmaXL (retail value $299) is included in this course.

The upgrade Green to Black Belt training allows you to get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Certification is of two types:

Theory certification
The theory certificate shows that you have mastered the theory of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, at the level of an eight day world class Black Belt training. Our program curriculum is in line with the internationally recognized ‘Body of Knowledge’ of ASQ and IASSC keeping in mind the most practical applications of the theory.

The requirements are:

  • Completion of the training
  • Successful completion of an exam that tests understanding of the theory

The cost of the theory certificate is included in the course price.

Practical certification
The practice certificate is the jewel in the crown of your Black Belt training: it is an aptitude test, demonstrating that you have not only mastered the theory but also know how to apply it in practice. This is achieved by completing two Lean Six Sigma projects successfully, using the appropriate DMAIC tools and change management skills.

The requirements are:

  • Successful completion of the theory exam
  • Successful completion of two projects where Lean Six Sigma techniques have been applied. The projects will be reviewed by a (Master) Black Belt from UPD

The cost of the practice certificate is not included in the course price and amounts to € 825, – (excl. VAT).

The training costs €4.995,- (excl. VAT)* per participant, inclusive of:

  • Study material
  • A real life simulation
  • Official Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Theory Certificate*

Package Deal:
Green to Black Belt Training + 1,5 day coaching + Black Belt Practice Certificate for €8.220,- (excl. VAT);

The minimum prerequisite for this training program is a Green Belt certificate. If you have not done the Green Belt training but would like to be directly trained as a Black Belt, then you can follow the all inclusive Black Belt training which takes you through the Green Belt modules as well.

* UPD is affiliated to the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO). This means that all of our courses can be offered tax-free.

This training is currently not scheduled, but can be held in-company. Please call or email for further information.