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The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is designed to train ‘part time’ improvement projectmanagers. Usually they carry out improvement projects in addition to their operational work. Ideally, 1 or 2 days a week working on the project.

Performing a Lean Six Sigma improvement project is a highly disciplined approach that helps to focus on a way of working to perfection. Companies that want to improve seriously and successfully, invest in training their staff as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt.

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

Lean Six Sigma improvement projects are executed according to the DMAIC methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The DMAIC approach is very result oriented and can be used for any type of process and organization, service, industrial, administrative, support, financially or for example within IT service management processes.

A unique curriculum

Our 6-day Green Belt training distinguishes itself from many other providers through a World Class curriculum at the level of the ASQ Body of Knowledge. Our curriculum reflects years of experience of our consultants with Lean and Six Sigma in all sectors, ranging from multinationals, (semi-) governmental organizations and SMEs. Lean & Six Sigma are fully integrated, while also ample attention is paid to the ‘soft skills’ and ‘facilitation skills’. The Green Belt training is distinguished not only by our world class curriculum, but also by the combination of executing a DMAIC project and 1:1 coaching by one of our (Master) Black Belts. Our trainees have a maximum learning impact by directly applying the knowledge in their project, while simultaneously realising tangible results for their company. Interaction between trainees themselves also is an absolute value of the ‘open training’. Even after the course, we support this interaction and knowledge exchange through reflection days, company visits, annual seminars and our forum on LinkedIn.

Green Belt training as a stepping stone to Black Belt level

The Green Belt curriculum is modular with the Black Belt training. This modular design offers the unique opportunity to start with the Green Belt training and subsequently follow the Upgrade to Black Belt level (Green to Black Belt-upgrade). This allows you to spread the necessary investments over a longer period. The Green Belt training will be provided by experienced (Master) Black Belts which have proven themselves in practice. Our MBB’s have been delivering training in English across the world, and are in daily contact with the practice by coaching Green Belts and (Master) Black Belts in carrying out improvement projects and implementing improvement programs. In addition they execute improvement projects and programs on a regularly basis. This assures that our courses, besides a theoretical framework, have a very practical and result oriented approach.

Annually more than 1,000 professionals in (semi-) government, SMEs and multinationals in all sectors are trained by UPD Lean Six Sigma. More than 100 of top 250 companies in the Netherlands have UPD as a partner for training and deployment of Agile, Lean and Lean Six Sigma.

First block

  • Lean & Six Sigma principles
  • Define: Voice Of Customer, Project Scoping, Brown Paper Workshops, Project Charter
  • Measure: Plan Data Collection, Measurement System Analysis, Basic Statistics

Second block

  • Measure: Capability Analysis, Control Charts
  • Analysis: Facilitation Skills, Cause & Effect Diagram, Hypothesis Testing, Value Stream Mapping

Third block

  • Improve: Brainstorming, Flow, Poka Yoke, Selection of Solutions, Pilot & Implementation
  • Control: ‘Dealing with resistance’, Process Control Plan, SPC, OCAP, Visual Management
  • DMAIC Case Study, Teach Back & Exam

Note: the above list is not exhaustive and only a summary of the contents of the modules. For details of the curriculum, please contact us via info@upd.nl or call +31 20 345 30 15.

Further information

Throughout the course we use many cases and simulation games: the tools taught are applied directly and are repeated in different ways. A considerable amount of time is scheduled for action learning and sharing experiences with other trainees.

Training blocks are planned in a rhythm of about 4 weeks, so trainees can work on their projects in between. Prior to training you will be contacted for an intake interview to determine the project scope.

By training your own staff as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, your company does not only reach the project results (such as improved performance and / or increased efficiency of your processes), but also builds your organization’s capability for continuous improvement. A UPD Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is able to execute improvement projects within your organization.

The expertise of a Green Belt consists of:

  • Executing improvement projects according to the DMAIC structure
  • ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ principles and tools*
  • Analyze problems, both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Able to initiate and effectively implement improvements
  • Effective process thinking, customer focused & “outside – in”
  • Identify causes of waste and variation
  • Able to execute statistical analyses in SigmaXL
  • Effectively build and lead Project Teams
  • Facilitate Workshops
  • Ability to apply change management skills

*At the level of ASQ Body of Knowledge.

The course concludes with an exam (open book) and a ‘theory certificate’ after successful completion. To become a UPD Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will have to complete one successful DMAIC project as well, which will be reviewed by one of our (M)BB’s.

Ratings by our customers:

  • Both our training and coaching are rated > 5 on a scale of 1-6.
  • Trainees indicate that it was the other way of thinking and quantitative approach to their improvement, which made the difference. The wide expertise of the trainers, both in coaching as their own experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma projects is crucial.

The investment in the 6 day Green Belt training is € 3.895,-

To ensure maximum learning effect from the training, we strongly advice our trainees to execute a Lean Six Sigma project, parallel to the course. An important success factor for maximum project results, is coaching by an experienced (Master) Black Belt. We offer you 1,5 days of dedicated coaching by one of our (Master) Black Belt for € 1.895,- when you order coaching + training. If you have access to an experienced (Master) Black Belt in your organization, coaching by them is also possible (this to be determined by mutual agreement). From our experience, we advise a minimum of 1,5 days of coaching per DMAIC project.

1.5 days dedicated coaching + Practical Certification = € 1.980,-.

Return On Investment
In our experience, the return on investment of the Green Belt training in the first year is more than 3:1. On average, Green Belt projects supported by UPD realized savings of over € 25,000 per year.

Prices are inclusive course package, study materials, a lifetime license for SigmaXL (retail value $ 299) and the “Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbox”.

Prices excluding VAT and travel costs for coaching.

Take an option:

Do you need some more time for a decision or do you need approval for the training budget? In that case you can take an option on this training and prevent disappointment because we run out of space. This reservation is free and has no obligations.

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