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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – English spoken

English Spoken | 6-days | Certification included

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course teaches you to indepently drive improvement projects independently Lean Six Sigma. During the course you will learn everything necessary for contributing to larger improvement projects under the guidance of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

The course is all about the practical application of Lean Six Sigma at Green Belt level. With a year of unlimited access to the e-learning environment, you can expand your theoretical knowledge as much as you want.

Who is this training course aimed at?

You don’t choose this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt lightly. You do it because you genuinely want to lead and execute improvement initiatives. We help you in achieving that. As a rule of thumb, we assert that if you spend 15%-50% of your work time on improvement projects, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the most suitable training course for you.

What can you do as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

You can execute (complex) change programmes in your organisation independently and you know how to identify wastage and its causes. You apply the tools and techniques you have learned independently to reduce the lead time of processes and instantly improve the quality of these processes.

What will you learn?

You set up an improvement project for your organisation during the course. You execute this project on completion of the course, after which your coach evaluates the project. The objective of this evaluation is to provide you with practice certification; evidence you have not only mastered the theoretical knowledge, but are also capable of applying this theory in your own activities – in practice.

You learn how to lead improvement programmes in accordance with the Lean Six Sigma philosophy as a project manager. That means we teach you about:

  • Project-based improvement as per the ‘Lean’ DMAIC structure and mastery of ‘Six Sigma’ principles and tools*;
  • Qualitative and quantitative problem analysis; initiating and actually implementing improvements;
  • Safeguarding results in the organisation;
  • Effective process thinking, client-oriented & “outside–in”;
  • Identification of wastage and causes of variation; Using statistical analyses as part of SigmaXL;
  • Selection and leadership of project teams;
  • Facilitation of workshops;
  • Application of change management skills.


The names appear similar, but what is the difference between these two courses? Lean and Lean Six Sigma are different philosophies, but they are related to each other. As it happens, Lean Six Sigma is based on Lean and Six Sigma principles, so it is not suprising there are similarities. But there are differences too.

The main difference is the way improvements are approached. Lean focuses on the desired situation (future state) and the removal of obstacles now hampering achievement of the desired situation. Lean Six Sigma assesses the current situation (current state) and helps remove the causes of disruption to current performance. Improvements are made on the shop floor on a day-to-day basis in accordance with Lean methodology. With Lean Six Sigma, this is done throughout the whole project by a project team. In short, Lean relies more on an improvement culture on the shop floor, while Lean Six Sigma projects are executed more centrally.

We can therefore not decide for you whether the Green Belt in Lean training or the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is the most suitable for you. That depends on your organisation and objectives. We can naturally assist you in making the choice. Please contact us for assistance.


Training blocks are planned in a rhythm of about 4 weeks, so trainees can work on their projects in between. Training days start at 9:00 and end around 17:00.

First block

  • Lean & Six Sigma principles
  • Define: Voice Of Customer, Project Scoping, Brown Paper Workshops, Project Charter
  • Measure: Plan Data Collection, Measurement System Analysis, Basic Statistics

Second block

  • Measure: Capability Analysis, Control Charts
  • Analysis: Facilitation Skills, Cause & Effect Diagram, Hypothesis Testing, Value Stream Mapping

Third block

  • Improve: Brainstorming, Flow, Poka Yoke, Selection of Solutions, Pilot & Implementation
  • Control: ‘Dealing with resistance’, Process Control Plan, SPC, OCAP, Visual Management
  • DMAIC Case Study, Teach Back & Exam

Note: the above list is not exhaustive and only a summary of the contents of the modules. For details of the curriculum, please contact us via inschrijven@upd.nl or call +31 20 345 30 15.

Further information

Throughout the course we use many cases and simulation games: the tools taught are applied directly and are repeated in different ways. A considerable amount of time is scheduled for action learning and sharing experiences with other trainees.


The certification for this training consists out of two separate components; theoretical and practical certification. Both certifications are included for this training. The theoretical certification is awarded based on the ability to replicate the knowledge. The practical certification is awarded based on the ability to apply the knowledge within the working environment. The certification proves that you truly understand the theory and possess the necessary change management abilities to make an impact within your working environment.


In order to complete the practical certification succesfully, we offer coaching by our Master Black Belts. During the coaching they will assist in setting up, managing and completing the improvement project, following the DMAIC structure. As a consequence the practical certification is completed on a higher success rate, whilst the results of the projects are enhanced.

Coaching is available in bundles of 4 hours. The price for each bundle is € 660,- excluding VAT. Generally speaking we advise around 8 hours of coaching per improvement project.

The investment in the 6 day Green Belt training is € 3.895,-. This investment includes:

  • 1 year unlimited E-Learning access
  • A lifetime license for SigmaXL
  • Theoretical and practical certification

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