Lean Green Belt in English

4 in-class days | E-Learning | Maximum learning efficiency

When given the choice, would you choose a training that consists of merely theoretical knowledge, or would you select a training that gives you anything you need to apply the knowledge? Our Lean Green Belt is centered around the impact that you will make as a certified professional.

You will receive unlimited access to our E-learning for the duration of a full year. This will give you the possibility to deepen your knowledge on Lean as far as you would like. During the ‘in-class’ trainingdays we will focus solely on the application of the theory.

So do you want more than just the theoretical knowledge and instead become a seasoned Green Belt in Lean? This training fulfills your needs.

Applying the knowledge is our focus

Our Green Belt in Lean is characterized by the perfect combination of theory and practice. You get all the tools to learn the theory, so that you can make optimal use of the knowledge and experience of our trainers during the training days. During the in-class days they will help you in transforming the knowledge into apllication. This way you can be sure that you can start working as a Green Belt in Lean immediately after completing the course. And if there is still some uncertainty after the training, you can simply log in to the E-Learning environment, which you can use for a full year!

Your takeaways after this training

During this training you will learn how to guide and execute imnprovements according to the Lean guidelines. To prepare you for succesfully fulfilling this role, we will teach you everything on:

  • Lean Management & Lean Thinking
  • Recognising and reducing waste
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen
  • PDCA
  • Operational Stability Stabiliteit
  • Managing resistance, creating buy-in en ensuring the sustainability of improvements

During the in-class days you will learn how to transform this knowledge into application. Our trainers are applying the knowledge on a day-to-day basis for our clients and will therefore teach from experience.

Lean Green Belt Program

To explain the program as well as possible, we have divided this into 3 categories. If you have very specific questions about the content, please contact us at: 020-3453015.


After registration you will receive the login details of the E-Learning environment. Take all the time you need to learn the theory at your own pace, as often as you like! Before the start of each in-class day, you will be informed by your trainer(s) which theory you should have covered. Doing so is necessary to learn as much as possible during the in-class days. Access to the E-Learning is valid for one year, so you can fall back on it as often as you like.

Practical in-class days

The training consists of 4 in-class days. The days will start at 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM. An in-class day is all about the practical application of the theory you have learned. You will have plenty of room to ask your questions, but after that we will quickly get working on how you can use this knowledge to make a real impact. During the in-class days we will provide trainers who know the tricks of the trade. They put the theory into practice daily for our customers, in different sectors and for different companies. This experience is the backbone of their value for you as a trainee. It ensures that they can make the theory tangible for specific situation.

Training content

The content of this training consists of several modules, which you can fully explore by yourself through E-Learning. The in-class days are tailored to the needs of the group, so you can decide how intensively certain subjects are discussed. The following topics will be discussed in any case, either through E-learning or during the in-class days:

  • Basics of Lean Management, Lean Thinking, waste en continuous improvement.
  • Value Stream Mapping, Current State & Future State.
  • 5S, Visual Management & Lean Operational Management
  • PDCA, 5 Times Why & Decisionmatrix.
  • Overcoming resistance, creating buy-in en ensuring the sustainability of improvements

Accredited international certification

All our Lean courses are standard equipped with an LCS accreditation. This international accreditation ensures that your education is recognized worldwide in the field of Lean.

UPD Certification

Our name is recognized as the market leader in Lean and Lean Six Sigma courses. The certificate we issue for this training proves that you meet the quality requirements that organizations place on Lean professionals. In short, a UPD Certificate gives your Green Belt in Lean certification extra value and is the ideal starting point for your career as a Lean Professional.


The rate of the training is € 2,795 (excl. VAT) per participant, including:

  • 1 year unlimited access to our E-Learning
  • 4 in-class days
  • Full certification: theory and practical
  • Praktijkcertificering

Deze opleiding staat momenteel niet gepland, maar kan wel in-company worden gehouden. Meer weten? Bel of mail dan even voor nadere informatie.

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